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Welcome to the web home of Jim Sanders III

I was first published in 1981 (as penciller) in ALTERNATE EXISTANCE #1 and during the early 80s I worked for AMERICOMICS, where I created and pencilled THE STARFORCE 6. It was while working on that title that I decided to switch over to inking.

I also worked for FIRST COMICS in the mid 80's, until I got my first break at MARVEL COMICS in 1987, inking THUNDERCATS. Shortly after that, I was handed the regular inking chores on THE INCREDIBLE HULK, working with Todd McFarlane. I also had the opportunity to work with Bryan Hitch on his first American monthly book, THE SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK.

I took a hiatus from comics in 1997, and am currently gearing up to return to freelancing.

We're just getting started here so drop me a note and I'll keep you up to date.

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